About my work as a wood artist


How I work with wood

When working on wood sculptures I use different tools,

such as the chain saw which is used for large sculptures or for preparatory work.

My biggest sculpture is 2,70 meters high and I carved it completely with the chainsaw.

But I also use other tools, like sculptor rasps which are used for the subsequent treatment of the surface.

For smaller figures I use the carving tools, but also a sculptor’s axe.

For filigree and very tiny works I use my carving knives, as well as for my smallest figure, which was only 1.8 millimeters small.



That working with epoxy resin also called resin art.

Epoxy art is a casting technique and for this I need different resins and hardeners.

Depending on the size of the object I use different resins with different properties.

I need resins with high viscosity (thick liquids) for large objects.

Also resins with low viscosity (thin fluids) are necessary and for small parts often better suited.

But the most important are especially transparent resins which can be coloured with pigments.


Painting and drawing:

Whether Painting with oil or drawing and experimenting.

Painting and drawing is part of the art but also important for the sculptural activity.

To paint with oil colours which I produce in small quantities myself,

With it I paint on canvas but also behind glass.

With the experimental painting everything is possible so also my picture “Phoenix” which burned before was created.

There are also normal drawings to make sketches for sculptures or as independent works.



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